Friday, February 25, 2011

Dark Nest

We're on our way there right now.

And all I can say is: Damn.

Not what I was expecting.

I could probably give him a few memories back, but they seem to have been replaced already.

What's going to happen to me?

I don't want to fade out. . .

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wow . . .

that wasn't the expected result. . .er, I guess I have to apologize. I tried to strip away a few Grades and summers, in an attempt to make Kelly create more fabrications for me to add to my life. . .

Now. . .it feels like time has frozen.

He's not creating more stories for me, he's just turned into an emotionless bastard.


Woes me.

   -Dennis, The Core.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Hmm. What to do? Yggdrasil’s back with Liam, and has his memories. As long as he’s remembering his subconscious won’t be devoted to my story.
No story means no survival. And I so desperately wanted to know how my life ended, to die prematurely would be a waste.
I’ll have to snatch away his memories again to keep his mind working. That seems really hard doesn’t it?

-          Dennis, The Core.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Masters, Part One

I had been but a humble photographer. It was a cushy job, that got me through life, in the District of Columbia. I took pictures of everything, and I do mean everything. Photography was new, and exciting to me, and whatever I thought was cool I snapped a Photo of. I thought a lot of things where “cool.”
I first found out about “him” when I was testing my video camera. I thought it was the best thing in the world. I would go out into the woods in the winter and just record the snow falling. Then when I actually played my little home movies back I began to notice strange disruption in the videos. At first I was oblivious to the figure, focusing only on what I could have done wrong to make the video come out the way it did.

I went back to normal Photography, with a camera, after I failed to correct the static and disruptions. And as I snapped Photos I began to pick up malformation and distortions in my Photos. Because we ALL know that’s what they were. No, no no. He was standing there. It didn’t matter who I snapped Photos of, actors, buildings, regular people. And soon after I actually noticed something was far worse with my photos than actual distortions, that’s when he began to show up…in person.

Did he stalk me you ask? Yes, yes he did. I tried my very hardest to get on with my life. I locked myself up in a tiny, cozy, little box of denial, and refusal, and well. .  .I was “happy.” But I could never be the same. I was always the curious one, the boy who had to find out how something worked. That’s why I decided to try to track him down. No. . .hunt him down was more like it. Whenever he disappeared I would get my errands done, go to the library, look up any, ANY, information I could find on this bastard. He scared me. But the fear, it made me curious. I managed to actually spy on one of his other victims and live. Just night after night, watching him, watch her. I’ll never forget how terrified I was when, one night, he was just looking at her one minute, and the next SECOND he was hovering over the bush I was perched in.

He killed that woman, very violently, I don’t want to recall, because if I choose to recollect what happened every single detail will be fresh. Something that comes with having the entire Internet merged with your mind, it’s like my memories are controlled and recalled via refresh button.
Anywho, I began to follow him, as he tied bags to trees in the woods, went about his business, exchanged, not a single glance to his fellows. Let me tell you they were quite interested in me, yet the Slender Man I had been bothering seemed to KNOW that I was stalking him. Once he told the others they went about their business as usual. It was quite a relief because the first time I saw a second Slender Man, it was about to “hug” me. I almost had a heart attack.

I followed Slendy # 1, into what you all know as the Labrynth. Oh the fun that was had there. . .

Sins of our Fathers

I never wanted this for my child. Or anyone's actually. Things happen, decisions have to be made, it's all about your choices. That defines you. There's a thin line in the human psyche that defines what's sane, and insane. Humane and inhumane.

Somehow he manages to stand RIGHT on that line. Curious, the spawn of curiosity. It's quite alright. I managed to get my fair share of results out of him.

My name is Dennis Rosen. I am. . .I was a scientist. A scholar. I brought new meaning to curiosity killed the cat.

This is my tale of regret, and cruelty. Experimentation for Experimentation's sake. I do hope someone sticks along. I feel the need to "spill my guts" as my son wanders around wondering what's inside of his.

  -Forever Yours, Dennis Rosen.