Friday, February 18, 2011


Hmm. What to do? Yggdrasil’s back with Liam, and has his memories. As long as he’s remembering his subconscious won’t be devoted to my story.
No story means no survival. And I so desperately wanted to know how my life ended, to die prematurely would be a waste.
I’ll have to snatch away his memories again to keep his mind working. That seems really hard doesn’t it?

-          Dennis, The Core.


  1. Don't. It's too much trouble you're getting in to, Dennis. Stop this nonsense. He needs his memories. -Liam, Drifter, NAPPA.

  2. Well I don't think so. He seems better off without them, or. . .with the threat of losing them fresh in his mind. He seems. . .more sure.'

    You have until Ten O'Clock tonight to say your goodbyes. I will extract a layer of moments then.

  3. Moments? And why should I say my goodbyes?