Monday, February 14, 2011

Sins of our Fathers

I never wanted this for my child. Or anyone's actually. Things happen, decisions have to be made, it's all about your choices. That defines you. There's a thin line in the human psyche that defines what's sane, and insane. Humane and inhumane.

Somehow he manages to stand RIGHT on that line. Curious, the spawn of curiosity. It's quite alright. I managed to get my fair share of results out of him.

My name is Dennis Rosen. I am. . .I was a scientist. A scholar. I brought new meaning to curiosity killed the cat.

This is my tale of regret, and cruelty. Experimentation for Experimentation's sake. I do hope someone sticks along. I feel the need to "spill my guts" as my son wanders around wondering what's inside of his.

  -Forever Yours, Dennis Rosen.

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