Friday, March 4, 2011

Timeless River

Yesterday, Yggdrasil spent most of the evening preparing for a trip through the Yggdrasil.  The tree of life. He needed to know exactly how it worked. I thought someone would be interested in the instructions just in case we bite the dust. Happy thoughts Dennis, Happy thoughts.

1) Enter the Other Side, from Houston Texas.

2) Head north 200 paces

3)Stop at the log connecting one side of the ground with the other, covering the bluish green "Water" the water is the tree of life.

4)Repeat my words exactly: Knowledge for the young ones, this is our penance.

5) Remain still as the log rises into the air and twirls around until it catches fire. Then jump into the whirpool it was covering up, with the year of destination in your mind. FIRMLY in your mind.

Kelly wants to act like he may not make it back. We took a test run to 1995 and we were fine.

-Dennis, The core.

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